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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Committed To Protecting Your Rights

Domestic violence charges should never be taken lightly. The stigma and consequences that come with these accusations may impact every aspect of your life for a long time to come. Your job opportunities, gun rights, housing and child custody may all be in jeopardy. Additionally, you may be facing potential jail time and a restraining order. Now is the time to hire a strong defense team.

You can rely on our legal team at Chacon, Campbell & Alexander, PLLC, to put their strongest foot forward for you. Our San Antonio-based criminal defense attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience – including valuable experience as former prosecutors. They won’t hesitate to go to bat for you in a decisive and effective manner.

Breaking Down Domestic Violence Charges In Texas

Under Texas criminal law, domestic violence charges can encompass various forms of abuse between family members, partners or household members. These charges include:

  • Domestic assault, which involves serious threats or bodily injury
  • Aggravated domestic assault, which results in serious harm or involves a deadly weapon
  • Continuous violence against a family member, which involves repeated offenses

Depending on the circumstances, domestic crimes may be felonies or misdemeanors. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of these charges, which can be a major advantage in your defense.

Building An Effective Defense Strategy

As former prosecutors, our attorneys know many of the tactics that prosecutors and law enforcement may use to build a case against you. They can use this knowledge to build a solid defense strategy.

Potential defenses against domestic violence accusations may include:

  • Self-defense or defense of others
  • False accusations or mistaken identity
  • Lack of evidence
  • Violations of your rights

In addition to criminal charges, you may be facing separate proceedings for a family violence protective order (commonly called a restraining order). Our lawyers can tenaciously defend you in those proceedings as well.

The Role Of Your Defense Attorney

The job of our defense lawyers is to hear your side of the story, stand beside you through the legal process and fiercely protect your rights. They will diligently investigate the allegations, negotiate with prosecutors and advocate for you in court – including at trial, if it comes to that. Our team takes their role seriously as champions for the rights of the accused.

Face Down Domestic Abuse Charges With Confidence

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