Offering Over 60 Years Of Combined Experience

Benefit From Over 60 Years Of Valuable Combined Experience

When you’re facing such serious legal challenges as criminal charges or family disputes, you need a legal team with the skill and experience to protect you. At Chacon, Campbell & Alexander, PLLC, our attorneys offer a wealth of knowledge rooted in over 60 years of combined experience.

Our San Antonio team is comprised of seasoned professionals, including former Assistant Criminal District Attorneys who have handled a wide array of cases, right up to the most serious offenses like murder. They have thousands of trials under their belts. They apply this extensive courtroom experience to defend and support you, regardless of the complexity of your case.

Our team of attorneys are here to take on your case:

With over 60 years of combined experience, our team can provide you the legal assistance you are seeking.

Areas Of Law We Handle

Our practice covers a broad spectrum of legal issues, focusing primarily on the following areas:

  • Criminal defense: Whether you’re facing misdemeanor drug possession charges or are accused of a serious crime like murder, you can benefit from tremendously from working with us. Our attorneys have been in the prosecutor’s shoes. We understand Texas criminal law and the justice system inside and out, which means we can build a strong defense on your behalf.
  • Family law: From navigating the intricacies of divorce to resolving custody disputes and facilitating mediation, we handle sensitive family law cases with the utmost care and respect for all parties involved.
  • Child protective services: With an attorney on our team who has represented CPS in the past and served as a guardian ad litem, we are uniquely positioned to help parents dealing with child protective services. We can help you reconnect with your children and fight for your parental rights.

Let Us Stand By Your Side

You deserve a legal team that listens, understands and takes decisive action to protect your interests. Whether you need San Antonio criminal law attorneys, divorce lawyers or CPS support, you can contact us for knowledgeable guidance. Call 210-294-6939, and let our experience be your assurance during uncertain times.